Youth Confirmation Enquiry Form

Please use this form if you are the parent or legal guardian of someone age 13-17 years to indicate their interest in being Confirmed.

You can also use it to indicate their interest in being baptised if they have not been baptised already. 

If there are compulsory fields in this form that you are unable to fill in for any reason, or if you have questions or need help with this form, please call the Cathedral Office on 011 5760 3484 during office hours or email us at


Details of the Parent or Guardian Submitting this Form

Tip: (Name of Parent or Guardian)

Details of the Candidate

Tip: Please submit the name of the Candidate in the field above.

Tip: Where and when they were baptised (if known).


Submitting this online form informs us that the candidate is interested in being prepared for Confirmation (or Baptism and Confirmation if they have not already been baptised).

We will keep your details and contact you again when the next Youth Confirmation Class is planned. 

Youth Confirmation Classes are usually run annually but the frequency may be increased based on the need. 

Submitting this form does not commit the Candidate to being confirmed or baptised. They will receive a formal 'Confirmation Application Form' during or after their preparation. If they also need to be baptised, they will also receive a formal 'Baptism Application Form'. As they are under 21, they will need your consent to be Baptised and/or Confirmed.